Fortune 100 Case Study

02 Jul Fortune 100 Case Study


new-york-skylineA Fortune 100 company with video transport delivery business unit with internationally recognized clients, including most of the major studios in Hollywood, started losing market share in the exploding video transmission market space.  40% failure rate over 8 months – 6 internal IT teams, 3 vendors could not figure problem out – transactions were not being fulfilled on time,  something was wrong but what? The Company had significant technical resources as one for would expect for a huge enterprise company deploying 6 internal IT teams and 3 vendors.

All hands were now on deck – mean time to repair was a four hour window had suddenly slipped badly – 40% of orders now missed the SLA and 26% had slipped to between 12 and 24 hours.  Each problem ticket impacted revenue, hurt their reputation and impaired their ability to grow market share.

We were already on site working with IBM on another project was asked to implement a Big Data Pilot Program.  The subsequent Big Data Predictive Analytics solution quickly identified root cause pattern from all transactional systems. The solution was to capture disparate transactional system data in Data Lake and use predictive analytics to prevent system anomalies and restore the critical business service to 100%

Pilot program benefits:

  1. DataReady provided skill, expertise and technology for pilot
  2. Use case best practices yielded immediate success and validation
  3. Big Data platform now serves as foundation for additional use case wins to grow and support the business
  4. Knowledge transfer between all teams
  5. Pilot completed 4 weeks and for less than cost of one FTE

The Real-time BigData analytic solution quickly identified a back office order process was being overwhelmed by demand for services or in short a scheduling problem. In addition, manual troubleshooting had meant teams of knowledge workers had been deployed to check log files on hundreds of servers causing further delay.

By proactively optimizing order entry, network provisioning, fulfillment and troubleshooting systems with Real Time technology, problems would now be identified in seconds due to centralized reporting and order flight path detection of all machine data with the ability to action or trigger alarms for immediate remediation –  meaning SLA attainment went from 60 to 100% in a three week period.

ROI took only three months resulting in an immediate $600 thousand operational savings and redeployment of IT knowledge workers to core projects in support the business resulting in an uptick in order volumes.

 Actual results:

  1. 26% increase quality of service.
  2. Troubleshooting reduced from hours to minutes.
  3. Problems identified in seconds rather than hours.
  4. Missed SLAs eliminated.
  5. 100% of orders processed on time.
  6. Optimal use of IT resources.
  7. 600K in operational savings.
  8. ROI in one month.

Since Real Time technology also ingests and provides clarity to both structured and unstructured data, companies can now benefit from an array of information in easy to use self serve report building dashboards providing a 360 degree view of the business serving all functional business areas with meaningful, insightful and predictive information.

While Marketing and Finance come to mind as the main beneficiaries, truth is breaking the data ownership paradigm to provide access to timely information means a better more efficient organization. This is a new competitive advantage which not only results in better distributed or   horizontal decision making but also a 6 to 9% increase in profitability according to both Accenture and IDC.


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